Why visit?

You Are Invited.

Why visit?

Visit to find out more.  More about God.  More about who he is.  More about what he has done and is doing for us.

Visit to discover God’s love:  his love as shown through Jesus Christ, his love as reflected in the lives of the people who go to this church.

Visit to understand God’s will for us:  his will for us as kids, as youth, as singles, as married couples, as families, as empty-nesters, as mature adults. For our benefit God has given us instructions for living. Visit to understand how these instructions relate to his will for our lives. Visit to find the joy of living the life he gives.

Visit to experience Christian community. By Christ’s design, those who call themselves Christians are never to be “lone rangers” in their practice of faith. They are to practice their faith together – worshipping together, learning together, praying together, grieving together, and celebrating together. In short, they are to experience together life as Christ's own.