You Are Invited.

Common questions.

Q. Is there parking close to the church?
A. Yes, adjoining.

Q. Is the church handicapped accessible?
A. The sanctuary and most parts of the church are handicapped accessible.

Q. What should I wear?
A. There is no dress code.  Some people dress up, some people don’t .  Most people are somewhere in the middle.

Q. How long does the service last?
A. Usually between 60-75 minutes.

Q. May I take communion if I come to your church?
A. Our policy is as follows:  “We believe the L
ord has prepared his table for all who love him and trust in him alone for their salvation. All who are truly sorry for their sins, who sincerely believe in the Lord Jesus as their Savior, and who desire to live in obedience to him as Lord, are invited to come with gladness to the table of the Lord.” 

Q. Who is the Christian Reformed Church?
A. This a group of approximately 1000 churches to which we belong (see   While we value our denominational association, our primary allegiance is to Christ himself, the only head of the church.