We Respond.



Sunday Worship (all ages)

We respond to God’s call to worship him by gathering with the whole congregation on Sundays for communal worship – and this very much includes us children. As children we participate in the worship services in many of the same ways adults do. We lead the congregation in singing, in the reading of scripture, and we participate, as we are able, in other parts of the service as well. Most Sundays mid-way through the morning worship service we gather in the front of the church for a special children’s message. Our younger children then leave the sanctuary to continue their worship in an age-appropriate setting in Children’s Worship (age 3-1st grade). Those that are even younger can depart at any time for play in the nursery.


Worship Service Child Care (birth-3)

During morning and evening worship services, parents have the option of dropping young children off in the church nursery for all or part of the service, where they will be cared for by a team who loves children. Our hope is that while parents are free to focus on worshipping God, each child will experience His love and care through us.


Children's Worship (3 yrs – 1st Grade)

We respond to God’s call to worship him by gathering on Sunday mornings as children aged three through first-grade for Children’s Worship. After the children’s message in the main service, we are escorted by our teachers to our own worship center outside the sanctuary for a time of meaningful and age-appropriate worship involving interactive Bible stories and responses to God through art, play, and prayer.


Education Programs (3 yrs & up)

We respond to God’s call to know him through various education programs offered for children three-years-old and above. After the morning worship services, we meet together in the education wing of the church for a great time of singing followed by age-appropriate instruction by class level.


Tuesday Morning Story Hour (3 yrs - Kindergarten)

We respond to God’s call to know him through gathering for Story Hour on Tuesday mornings (9:00 – 10:45) at the church. While our Moms or Grandmas are at Coffee Break (Community Women’s Bible Study), we enjoy a time of free play, Bible stories, art and cooking projects, music and movement .


Jr. GEMS - Girls Everywhere Meeting their Savior (1st grade – 3rd grade)

We respond to God’s call to be the type of girls he wants us to be by taking part in the GEMS program. We’re girls 1st through 3rd grade who meet every other Tuesday evening at the church for a great time involving devotions, snacks, and lots of fabulous craft projects. Women of the church serve as leaders of the different age groups, and they always make it a great experience for us.

Music (3 yrs & up)

We respond to God’s call to worship him with the sound of music by participating in various ways in the music of the church. As children we find music an especially meaningful way to get involved in worship services. Like everyone else, we are part of the congregational singing, but we also get involved by singing and playing instruments, both as soloists and as parts of ensembles. Often we teach our congregation new songs. We also enjoy a great time of singing on Sunday after the morning worship service and before Sunday School.


Vacation Bible School (3 yrs – 5th grade)

We respond to God’s call to know him and spread the Good News through our Vacation Bible School (VBS) held in the church every summer in late July or early August. The program runs from 9:30 – 11:30 every morning for one week, and it is really fun time of hearing Bible stories, playing games, creating projects, watching drama, singing, dancing and getting to meet kids from all over the area.