We Respond.


Sunday Worship

We respond to God’s call to worship him by gathering on Sundays for a time of communal worship. It’s a bit like a weekly family reunion – except much better! We don’t just celebrate “togetherness;" we celebrate the reason for our togetherness – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the life he gives us.

Our liturgy involves the participation of everyone gathered, but we participate in different ways. Some read scripture; others play musical instruments. There are those who lead prayers; others who sing in the choir. Some members prepare a message especially for the children; others help collect the weekly offerings. Most everyone participates in the prayers, songs, and readings as they are able, but some people come just to listen and find out more. Our hope is that each person encounters God in our worship service.

Small Groups

We respond to God’s call to grow in fellowship with him and with each other by meeting in small groups. In these 8-12 person groups, we do the work of cultivating our relationship with God and relationships with those around us. We pray and study scripture, we share our joys and our concerns, we hold each other accountable for living out our faith, and we encourage each other. Through small groups, we try to become the people God wants us to be.

Education Programs

We respond to God’s call to know him better by offering educational programs for all ages. Central to our adult education is the Adult Sunday School program that meets after our morning worship service. These sessions feature speakers from local colleges and universities as well as materials presented by members of the church. We look at subjects like church history, theology, and contemporary ethical issues, and we also do studies on particular books of the Bible. Through these studies we increase our understanding of God and his will for our lives.


We respond to God’s call to worship him through our music. Each week our congregation sings parts of the liturgy, songs from the church of all times and many places. Using Psalms and ancient texts, 21st century hymns, worship songs, and music written by our own members, we respond to God's revelation throughout history and throughout his world. In all our music we seek to be God-honoring and scripturally faithful.

We have an excellent church choir that attracts singers of all ages, multiple keyboardists who both lead and support music in worship, instrument ensembles that participate on a regular basis, as well as a bell choir that takes part in worship. As a church, we value highly the role music plays in worship, and we strive to do it well for God’s glory.

Tuesday Morning Women’s Bible Study

We respond to God’s call to grow in fellowship with him and with our neighbors by hosting a community Bible study for women called “Coffee Break” which meets at the church every Tuesday. Women of all ages who live in the area and who are from various Christian traditions meet for a time of Bible study, prayer, and fellowship with God and each other. While the women meet, child care is provided for infants and toddlers, and for older children there is a great kids' program called Story Hour.

20/30 Group

As the "young(ish!)" adults of the church in their 20's and 30's, we meet regularly for food, fun, and fellowship. Some of us have recently moved into the area and others of us have grown up in this church, but this 20/30 Group allows us all to get to know and enjoy each other.

Prayer Meetings

We respond to God’s call to pray to him by assembling after morning worship to pray. There is a designated room set aside for those who are able to gather for this purpose, and there people pray prayers of praise, thanksgiving, confession, and petition. In special circumstances these meetings are held in the sanctuary to accommodate greater numbers. 

Social Events

We respond to God’s calls to know each other and to live in unity by organizing events that help build up relationships within in the church. We go to baseball games and enjoy swimming nights at the local aquatic center. We play volleyball, have bowling and pizza parties, barbecues, and film nights. We always seem to be able to find a good excuse for a Sunday lunch or a mid-week supper at church. Not all our events involve good food – but to be honest, most do!