Our Beliefs

God Calls.

Our Beliefs


We along with Christians from many places and many centuries have adopted these creeds (Apostles Creed, Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed) as useful summaries of our beliefs.

As a church in the Reformed tradition arising out of the Protestant Reformation in 16th-century Europe, we affirm that:

  • Christ alone is our mediator and savior.
  • Through Faith alone we have been justified before God.
  • By God's Grace alone we have been given the gift of salvation.
  • In Scripture alone we find the inerrant source of God's written revelation.
  • To God alone be the glory for our salvation.

These beliefs and more are summarized in the three historic confessions of the Reformed tradition (Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession, Canons of Dordt). If you are not the kind of person who enjoys reading historic creeds and confessions (we know you are out there!), maybe you’ll want to check out a more narrative summary of our beliefs. It’s just a brief summary of how God has interacted with his world throughout history. If you want to dig deeper into the the beliefs of Christian Reformed Churches, you can check out our denominational website.